How To Retrieve Temporary Folder

by admin on November 26, 2009 Reader ,Have you ever got to the point where you need to know what is the full path for temporary folder on your system ?, or maybe need the temporary folder to put some scratch file or temporary file to be use on your system but don’t know for sure where is the temporary folder exact path ?
Well , dont worry bellow is the snippet that you can use,
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Virus Start To Attack Delphi Program! ….

by admin on September 9, 2009

After Some times Delphi as a RAD Development run without disturbance from any virus attack, and since it is
very popular the Delphi finaly got this attack , virus started to target any development tools to gain leverage
for distributing their loom , well bellow is a F&Q I Copy paste from Nick Hodge blog hope can make ,
all reader’s fog clearer , enjoy guys and girls.
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Formatting a File Size in Bytes for Display

October 15, 2008

When working with files from Delphi you might want to display the size of a file to the user in a Explorer-like format where the file size is not displayed in bytes – but the display depends on the size of the actual file. To most users “45678123 b” is confusing – where “43.56 MB” […]

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Using Semaphores in Delphi, Part 2: The Connection Pool

September 30, 2008

Too Read The Previous Article Please Read This.. Abstract: Semaphores are used to coordinate multiple threads and processes. That semaphores provide multiple threads with simultaneous access to a shared resource is highlighted by the TFixedConnectionPool class described in this article. Semaphores are like mutexes on steroids. Not only do they provide for blocking thread synchronization, […]

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Using Semaphores In Delphi

September 14, 2008

Abstract: Semaphores are like mutexes on steroids. Not only can they coordinate multiple threads and process, but they can permit more than one simultaneous lock. This article shows you how to use these useful objects in a multithreaded environment Semaphores are powerful synchronization objects that, like mutexes (mutually exclusives), permit you to coordinate multiple threads […]

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How To Count Procedure Performance

July 23, 2008

Hello all readers, Lately I got a lot of job, and the deadline was very-very tight.So I Can not post too regularly so for you all readers I apologize, you guys have to wait, life must go on right ? Ok, now I want to share a trick on how we to measure […]

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Skin Adapter For Bussines SkinForm Version 3.9.1

July 20, 2008

Hi all delphi readers it’s been a while since my last posting. Recently I can’t access using my office connection to this blog, I’ve complaint this to the customer service of the internet provider but then it still happening, also I’ve been not well for this few days. So to make up to you guys […]

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How To Make DBGrid Autosize

July 14, 2008

Hi all delphi readers, have you all confront with this situation, imagine you have created some nice application with superb GUI (Graphical User Interface) but then when you do the final testing and review you find out that. Data that has longger length compare to DBGrid field length was castrate..that was very – very annoying. […]

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How To Coloring DBGRID Row

July 12, 2008

hi all delphi readers, You’ve seen this surely on web pages. Alternating table row colors means displaying the first record in one color and the second record in another color and continue to alternate the color of each row displayed.

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AlmediaDev DynamicSkinForm (Version 9.41)

July 10, 2008

Hi, All Delphi readers, time to see and evaluate this baby out of the box ..feel free to download my gift on below link..

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